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  • CESSNA C-172 Skyhawk (STICK MODEL)


    Computer modelled and 3-D printed to create a scale accurate teaching aid. Perfect for Instructors who wish to visually demonstrate different aircraft attitudes. The Telescopic pole ranges between 15cm and 70cm in length and features a soft grip handle.

    Only 4 left in stock
    SKU: 3Daw//23C-BM_002p
    • Material:

      Hard durable ABS plastic.

    • Finish:

      Painted in 1k high gloss enamel.

    • Specifications:

      Length: 34-95cm
      Wingspan: 20cm
      Weight: 110g (4oz)

    • Assembly:

      Aircraft Briefing Models are shipped in two to four parts to prevent damage in transit. Minor assembly will be required. Models can be easily assembled in a few minutes using a small Phillips screwdriver.

    • Shipping:

      Ships within 4 to 6 weeks.

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